Some Things You Can Do With Sage

14 Things You Can Do With Sage ERP 1000 / Line 500

1) View all the main Full Stock Details and Stock Status fields on one page. Stock Search / Status

2) Show the TIME of a transaction in Stock History. Stock History + Time

3) Find all the products that are expected to have stock below zero (or the ROL) at some point in the future. MRP Summary

4) Use an MRP recommendations report that can be edited in Excel, with a drill down to Predict Future Stock. MRP Analysis

5) View what you have spent with a supplier by year / period. Supplier Spend

6) List which data tables were added to by doing a transaction - to know where to look for the data. Table Row Count

7) Track who has changed a standard cost, and the before/after values to find the change in stock value. Stock Audit - Costs

8) Report on all changes and additions to Sales Order lines. SO Details Audit

9) Report on all changes and additions to Purchase Order lines. PO Details Audit

10) Explode a BOM to all levels and view this in Excel. BOM Critical Path

11) Enter a top level (sales) product and quantity, then explode the BOM to find the longest cumulative lead time and check stock availability. From which you can estimate a promise date for a new sales order. SO Promise

12) Force WO Completions to take component stock ONLY from specified "backflush bins".

13) Automate the entry of timesheets to get real time labour hours and WIP Tracking data. riteTIME

14) Stop all those "Bring PO forward" MRP recommendations by driving the MRP from an achievable production plan. Preactor

sl-ect REP User Guide.pdf

The items mentioned in blue above can all be found in the REP pack. Click on the logo here for more information: