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Planning Ahead With Opcenter & Sage

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the following then we can help:

What is Opcenter APS Scheduling?

A graphical planning tool in which we can model your processes and capacity and then work out the best sequence in which to run the jobs.

Enabling you to predict material shortages and late deliveries to customers, whilst there is still time to do something about it.

Then run "What-If" scenarios to test the effects of adding more resources or changing shift patterns.

Schedule forwards, backwards, bi-directional around bottlenecks.

Built in scheduling rules to maximise delivery performance or minimise WIP.

Minimise changeovers using dynamic calculations of sequence dependent setup times.

API for custom scheduling rules and data manipulation.

More Information For Sage Users

Use the links below to download PDF brochures with more details about:

The potential benefits of using Opcenter APS for graphical planning with:

The fast, flexible interface that integrates Opcenter with Sage Line 500 and Sage ERP 1000.


Defacto module integration

Extension of the UI module for automated creation of Works Orders from Opcenter to Sage 1000