Timesheet Entry & Labour Data Collection from riteSOFT.

riteTIME is a labour and machine time tracking system, with integration to Sage and Preactor for real time updates of the actual production versus the plan.

Utilising touch screen technology and barcoded data entry to ensure accuracy and ease of use on the shop floor.

Data Collection and Timesheet Entry.

Users can enter their data at the place of work, using a touchscreen or a regular PC and mouse.

riteTIME is specifically designed to automate the tracking of jobs, work orders, scrap and maintenance items which have historically been tracked manually.

With the manufacturing process in mind, riteTIME provides real-time data tracking for designers, production employees or maintenance personnel.

Preactor Integration

Preactor & riteTime have been integrated so that the operator can pick their next job from a drop-down list based on the schedule, then real time updates of actual production are fed back into Preactor.

It's 3:00pm TUESDAY. Your factory is running at an efficiency of 68%.
Do you want find out NOW or next MONDAY?


A labour and machine time tracking system, with optional integration to Sage and Preactor.

Efficient, paperless collection of timesheet data.

Employees or supervisors clock people or machines onto jobs, so written timesheets are no longer needed.

Reconcile against your payroll data and track people's time as they move between jobs, departments or projects.

Calculate the actual costs of making your products and show variances against standard costs.

Get real-time "WIP Tracking" updates against your plan.

Including scrap quantities, with reason codes.

Utilise simple touch-screen technology and bar-coded data entry to ensure accuracy and ease of use on the shop floor.

Eliminate Double or Triple Entry

Streamline your process with riteTime.

How much time do your employees spend filling out production tickets / time sheets? How much time do you spend reviewing, correcting, and entering the data from these into other systems: accounting, payroll, ERP, scheduling?

riteTIME makes it easy for your staff to enter production data quickly and accurately on the shop floor. Because the labour data in riteTIME is easily extracted you can eliminate:

How much time are you wasting making duplicate entries?

riteTIME can help you devote more of your resources to production, not paperwork. And of course you can throw out your old time cards and clocks!

How will you get your people to use the system?

Simple! By giving them a user interface with non-intimidating touchscreen (or mouse) simplicity.

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Preactor: Use the plan to display the next job for a machine in riteTIME. Send back real time "mid-batch updates" to the Preactor Gantt chart to monitor production versus plan.   

Sage: Send job information to the shop floor terminals. View reports comparing standard and actual times and costs.