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V2-00 30.08.13 Added Make or Buy calculation, if “A” then BoM is checked to decide. Added phantom field. Included C/N.

V1-00 01.07.13 Calculate average usage per product from stock history.

Note: In test this report took 10 minutes to fetch 11,000 products from a database with 2.1million stock history records.

Other options: Make a “snapshot” using SSRS subscription, or take out the SQL and run the data into a table every night

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sl-ect REP User Guide.pdf

Please feel free to download any of the reports below and use them in your SQL Report Server.

BUT PLEASE CHECK THE LOGIC AND THE DATA before relying too much on the results. Thanks.

These SSRS reports were developed on SQL2005, so should run fine on there and on SQL2008.

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